We can help with your TMD pain.

TMD is a disorder affecting the body’s two temporomandibular joints, which are located directly in front of your ears. They’re triangular-shaped and designed to act like hinges for your jaw, allowing you to comfortably and easily open your mouth to eat, drink, and speak. A patient struggling with TMD may experience a wide range of painful or aggravating symptoms, among them frequent headaches or migraines. Other TMD symptoms:

– Neck, shoulder, or lower back pain
– Tingling of the extremities
– Difficulty hearing or ringing/pressure in the ears
– Pain, tenderness, or swelling of the face
– Jaw popping/clicking
– Restricted jaw movement

The good news is that if you suffer from TMD, Benton Family Dentistry can help alleviate the pain and suffering. Please watch the video testimonial below:

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If you or someone you know suffers from TMD, please give our office a call today. 501-623-6132

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