A revolutionary new cosmetic dentistry treatment, MicroThin veneers can make teeth brighter and more youthful-looking. They are similar to traditional porcelain veneers but do not require the removal of any tooth enamel. Hot Springs Dentist Dr. Benton is one of the only dentist certified to place MicroThin veneers in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

MicroThin Veneers Candidates

Microthin veneers are an excellent solution for several of the most common aesthetic concerns people have about their smiles. Many patients at our practice are interested in having more youthful-looking smiles. For these men and women, Microthin veneers can be placed over worn teeth to help “turn back the clock.” Individuals with small teeth are also excellent candidates for the Microthin veneers procedure. Hot Springs Dentist, Dr. Benton, can use Microthin veneers to change the shape of the patient’s teeth and create a more attractive smile.

If you are unhappy with your smile, contact our practice and schedule a Microthin veneers consultation to discuss whether this treatment is appropriate for you.

The Microthin Veneers Procedure

Microthin veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are custom-crafted to fit over teeth without requiring the removal of any tooth enamel. Because each Microthin veneer is designed so that the porcelain is layered throughout, the results of this advanced treatment are extremely natural looking. Once the custom-crafted veneers are ready, they are affixed to front surfaces of the teeth in a manner similar to contact lenses being placed on the eyes.

The creation and placement of customized Microthin veneers require a high degree of technical skill and precision in order to achieve the most natural-looking results. For this reason, only dentists who have received specialized training are certified to provide treatment. Hot Springs Dentist, Dr. Benton,  is one of the only dentist certified in Hot Springs, Arkansas to place Microthin veneers.