Great Study! More Kids Are Seeing a Dentist!

A recent study from the ADA Health Policy Institute shows that nearly 50 percent of children age two to 18 are seeing the dentist and taking advantage of their health benefits. While this number is at an all-time high, it still means that more than 50 percent of kids are not getting the dental care they need to stay healthy despite more than 90 percent of kids having access to dental coverage.

The most significant increase comes from low-income families who may have dental coverage for the first time either through a federal or private plan.

We still have some work to do to make sure that our children’s precious smiles have the best start. If it is children’s dentistry you need and you are in the Hot Springs area, we welcome you to get in touch with Benton Family Dentistry where we welcome families – including children of all ages.

Your Child’s First Visit
We make it possible for kids to develop a healthy and positive attitude toward their dental care by making their experience a fun and interactive one. We enjoy watching children delight in learning to look after their teeth and seeing what their smiles look like in the mirror.

We will happily demonstrate how to brush their teeth and spend plenty of time with parents, answering questions about developments, habits, and nutrition to promote a healthy smile.


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