The Function of Fluoride & Other Home Care Treatments

Most of us understand the importance of visiting your dentist for regular dental check-ups. Did you know, however, there are many things you can do at home to help maintain optimum oral health? Besides your dental cleaning at Benton Family Dentistry in Hot Springs, here are some other things you can do to keep your teeth healthy.

The Benefits of Fluoride
Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps to strengthen and build teeth by making your enamel stronger and protecting it from tooth decay. It can also help to remineralize enamel that has been weakened. Fluoride is typically found in drinking water, toothpaste, and mouth rinses. Your dental provider may also offer in-office fluoride treatments, which are highly recommended for children.

Improve Your Brushing Technique
Did you know that your brushing techniques can make all the difference in how much plaque build up you effectively remove? Brushing gently in circular motions and at a 45-degree angle, is the safest way to brush without causing damage to your gum tissue. You should also be brushing for at least two minutes.

Many patients invest in an electric toothbrush, which essentially does all the brushing work for you. As a bonus, it also times you to ensure that you’re brushing for at least two minutes. A Benton Family Dentistry associate will be happy to demonstrate proper brushing technique or recommend the right electric brush for your needs at your next cleaning appointment.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies
While you probably knew that fruits and vegetable are good for your health, you may not have realized that they’re also good for your oral health. They actually neutralize the acids in your mouth that cause tooth decay and cavities and can help protect your teeth. They also increase saliva flow, which helps to remove food debris and other harmful bacteria from your mouth.

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