Teeth Cleaning

We believe that taking a preventive approach to dental care is the most effective way to provide our patients a lifetime of optimal oral health. That’s why, at Benton Family Dentistry, we provide dental hygiene services that include teeth cleaning for both children and adults.
When your mouth is healthy and free of infection, your whole health tends to improve. Patients rarely feel decay or gum disease progressing until the damage is extensive. Proactive, routine visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning helps keep decay at bay and can minimize the amount of dental work needed throughout your life.
Teeth Cleaning for Adults
At the beginning of each appointment, Dr. Benton will walk through your dental and medical history with you and assess your dental goals.
A general deep cleaning for adults takes from 40 to 60 minutes and includes:
• X-rays
• A thorough gum, bone, tooth, soft tissue, and joint evaluation
• Removal of tarter buildup and plaque below and above the gum line
• A tooth polishing
Teeth Cleaning for Children
Children’s teeth cleanings take from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on age and oral hygiene habits.
A general deep cleaning for children includes:
• X-rays
• Evaluation of gum tissue
• Cleaning
• A tooth polish
For new patients, appointments can last 60 to 80 minutes. To find out more or to set up your or your child’s routine teeth cleaning, call (501)623-6132.

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